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BlackHeart Miniatures is a scale model brand, producing high quality resin kits for artists and collectors. Our goal is to create amazing sculpts that look great either painted by you or left unpainted as a stand alone collectible figure. The decision is yours!

My name is George and I am the main artist and sculptor of BlackHeart. I was born in the glorious ‘80s and raised in the ‘90s, so much of my inspiration comes from that era.

Comics, cartoons, movies, video games and books of those times are a great source material for some of the sculptures.

You might notice that we don't like to limit ourselves to certain scales and standards of the miniature world. Some figures might be larger, or adorned with just enough detail so as to leave a blank canvas for the artists to express themselves better. We also try our best to ensure the resin quality of every kit before we safely package it and send it to you.

Welcome to BlackHeart Miniatures, and join us in the journey into the realms of fantasy!

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