Duke Azriel


Duke Azriel was the youngest vampire to ever command his own legion of the cursed armies of the Margrave Necropolis. Depending on his strategic wits and merciless aggression in battle, he quickly conquered the neighboring realms, restoring the glory of his disgraced family name. His sword, the Eternal Bloodlust is said to draw its power directly from the moonlight, and at the end of each battle Duke Azriel drinks the blood of his enemies from his accursed chalice, toasting to the next victories to come...


  1. 5 parts
  2. Size: ~75mm


This is NOT a toy. This is a model kit for painters and collectors. May include small parts, minors under the age of 14 ask for parental permission before purchase. Plastic glue or plastic cement recommended for assembly. Wash parts with water and soap and let thoroughly dry before gluing. Casted in high quality resin. Always work in a well ventilated room and protect your eyes.