Ride Eternal!


The distant sounds of the monstrous V8’s, the crazed screams of the War Boyz and the heavy-metal sound of the fire spitting electric guitar can mean only one thing! They will claim all of the precious guzzolene and plunder everything on their way. Because there is no greater honor than riding eternal, shiny and chrome by the side of their magnificent leader on their way to Valhalla!


  1. 8 parts
  2. Size: ~90mm


This is NOT a toy. This is a model kit for painters and collectors. May include small parts, minors under the age of 14 ask for parental permission before purchase. Plastic glue or plastic cement recommended for assembly. Wash parts with water and soap and let thoroughly dry before gluing. Casted in high quality resin. Always work in a well ventilated room and protect your eyes.